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dimecres, de juliol 28, 2010

Mia Hamm talks to US press about Barça

Mia Hamm talks to US press about Barça

CNN and the LA Times have reported on the praise bestowed on Barça by the ambassador of the club and its Foundation, Mia Hamm. The former American women’s international has highlighted FCB’s playing style and the fact that it is ‘more than a club’.

Barça has appeared in two of the most important media in the States thanks to Mia Hamm’s presence at a workshop forming part of the official FCB Escola campus in Los Angeles in collaboration with Warner Bros. CNN’s ‘World Sport’ show included an extensive report on who is considered the greate female player ever. Hamm made a point of mentioning Barça.

In love with Barça style

The FCB ambassador said “Being associated with FC Barcelona is a true honour because of how they play the game. I appreciate the responsibility with which they see themselves in trying to make not just the game of soccer better, but the world a better place with their academies and centres all over the world trying to help kids in disadvantaged areas”. She also remembered the time she went to Catalonia after being asked to take up the new role. “I was most impressed with their creative approach. The last time I was in Barcelona, I saw that children are encouraged to learn to master the ball and to work hard on possession”.

Star advice

The American appears in the CNN report wearing the Barça kit and training children at the FCB Escola. “It is also important to play nicely here. It is important to encourage confidence and fun, and the coaches on this campus do that a lot. I think the kids enjoy themselves, they spend a lot of time together learning about team work.” Mia Hamm’s advice for future stars is that “you have to feel sure when you play and try to get better every day. You have to control the ball, feel free on the field and when somebody wants to get the ball off you, you should dribble”.

Click here to see the CNN report.

Click here to see the text in the sports section of the LA Times (jpg version).


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