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dilluns, de juny 14, 2010

"I will be a president for everyone"

"I will be a president for everyone"

Sandro Rosell had a clear message for FC Barcelona's supporters after it was confirmed that he had become the new president: "I will not let you down," he announced.

After a hectic election day on Sunday Rosell spoke to the media just after midnight and explained: "I will be a president for everyone." At 00:12 on Monday morning the new Camp Nou supremo celebrated his overwhelming victory at the polls and spoke to the media in the Sala Paris above the FCBotiga. In a brief, but emotional speech he revealed he wants to do. "I want a Barça that is Catalan, Catalanista and open to all supporters outside of Catalunya," he stated. "I want a Barça that will recapture the world's imagination and one that unifies and does not separate while being committed to the country and to the causes of solidarity."

Fans win

"In the first place on this day of great Barcelonismo I want to start by congratulating the true winner of the elections: the members," Rosell then said. "The members won today because the high turn-out has shown us their commitment to the club and their desire to make their mark. Standing in front of you now is a deeply happy man because since I was young I was brought up with Barcelonismo from my father and I was a ball boy and now I have been given the great honour that any FC Barcelona could have, to be the president."

Thanks giving

"I want to thank the fans, my family, my team and all the volunteers," the new president then explained. "Today a commitment starts for me. I am fully conscious of the great responsibility to obtain extraordinary results. I will not let you down, I will not let you down." Rosell now plans to work with Joan Laporta before he takes over officially at the end of June. "Now work start," he commented. "I will now put myself at the disposal of president Laporta so the process of change can be as fluid as possible."


  • Gostei! Declarações próprias de um grande vencedor e de um Clube que, sendo uma Bandeira da Catalunha, ultrapassa pela sua GRANDEZA todas as fronteiras! Visca El Barça!
    José Esteves, Portugal.

    By Anonymous Anònim, at 2:35 p. m.  

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