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dimarts, de desembre 20, 2011

Messi: “With these guys it’s all very easy”

Messi: “With these guys it’s all very easy”

Chosen as FIFA Club World Cup’s best player which earned him the Adidas golden ball, Lionel Messi downplayed his contributions and said he was just happy for the team.

“I am very happy [for] we had played a great match. I was lucky to become once again [the best player]. It’s nice but it is to win us the title. Perhaps you cannot get a feel of what all this means to us.”

While the result seems special, he didn’t see it as a one off.
“It’s not the first time we played that well, but being a final against Santos perhaps it stands out more. The reality is this team is used to doing this.”

For him, the key to the successes of this team lies in “the dressing room atmosphere. The strong desire we have in wanting to achieve more. A coach who keeps on pushing us, and preparing for all the matches as if they were finals…”

“The idea is to always have the ball, regardless of the opponent. But the truth is, playing with these guys just makes it all so easy.”

Finally, asked whether he had spoken with Neymar and what his thoughts were of him, Messi kept it short.

“I did speak a bit with him at the end. Nothing more,” accompanied with a wink at the reporters.